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Autodesk’s Value-Based Program Comes of Age

Certifications, Specializations and Customer Satisfaction Added to Global Framework

 By Beth Vanni

Autodesk is a company who has fundamentally gone to market through traditional resellers for 30 years — literally.  Case in point, they have nearly 60 partners coming up next quarter who have been authorized resellers for their leading 3D design and engineering software for 25 years or more. Quite an accomplishment in the fast-paced and highly competitive IT market.  Autodesk has achieved as close to a “franchise” model of channel partner as can be, where many of their partners tout them as their primary software platform and singularly focus on selling to the CAE and engineering markets. And, now this $2b software market leader is standardizing their global program structure to provide the consistent, simplified support and enablement resources these some 1,900 partners need to continue to keep pace with the company’s overall growth and portfolio expansion. (more…)


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OPN Specialized: The First Step to a Value-Based Channel Program?

Beth Vanni – Director, Market Intelligence

Oracle has a lot to talk about these days – six new acquisitions completed or pending since the beginning of 2010, details about the Sun integration rolling-out, and their FY10 financial results which include a 20% increase in partner transactions year-over-year. The Redwood Shores giant is, no doubt, a global industry leader with a massive portfolio and influence to match.

But the news yesterday on the kick-off of their new OPN Specialized program was a tad less groundbreaking. Of course, Judson Althoff’s Worldwide Partner organization produced a very thorough, professional web event, with endorsements about the value of the channel to Oracle’s success and how critical partners’ investment in certifications is. Everyone chimed in — all four major executives, training people, product people, and partners themselves. The main message was that because of the breadth of the Oracle portfolio (10,000 products), it’s more critical than ever for partners to become specialized in their product or services expertise. Charles Phillip’s quote was “we don’t need a bunch of generalists.” (it’s on eChannelLine today) (more…)

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New Year’s Resolution…Adopting a Values Based Model

Natascha Lee

Natascha Lee

Life goes on in this heavily media fueled recession world we live in. And, as a fair part of our world’s economy seems to operate on ‘confidence’, I started to think about what confidence means. My thesaurus gives a whole list of nouns including belief, faith, trust, support and loyalty. For something clearly not tangible, it’s quite amazing what effect it can have. So, I wondered if we as individuals can make a positive difference on a local level – at home and at work – by making a concerted effort at being all those things people describe as being ‘confident’ and see what impact it has on those around you In other words, see if a confident demeanor is as infectious as the latest cold bug, with more positive consequences.


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