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Do or Die: To Cloud or Not to Cloud

by Sallie Martin, Consultant

We all know it… the Cloud is coming onshore quickly.  How VARs will fit into this new model is of abundant concern.  The first step is deciding whether to stay in the on-premise-only model or test-your-toes-in-the-Cloud pool.  In my opinion, if you wait too long, the answer will be made for you.

Customers are starting to understand the cost and flexibility benefits of the Cloud.  If you as a VAR are unable to have these conversations with them, then quite simply they will find someone that will.  This is a perfect door opener for your competition to enter into your best accounts.  A benefit of the Cloud is the reduced time for deployment of offerings.  This includes sales cycles, and your Cloud-savvy competitor isn’t going to wait for you to join the game.

If you are still on the fence post, talk to your favored vendors to understand their Cloud model.  Talk with a trusted Service Provider to understand how you can partner with them.  Read up on the areas that can affect your business such as different billing adaptations, new sales and consulting skills, and financial models.

The Cloud is one of the largest trends to hit technology in awhile.  The longer you put off starting the process, the greater the opportunity cost of missing the financial benefits. Adopt or be left behind.


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The Five Business Models of Cloud Providers

From affiliates to developers, there’s a place for many partner types in cloud computing

Beth Vanni – Director, Market Intelligence

In the channel ecosystem of Cloud Computing, we see five distinct partnering roles emerging that are critical to the effective deployment of public or private cloud technologies. Interestingly enough, these roles all exist in non-cloud technology deployment, and have more in common with the models used today to support premise-based, client/server solutions than differences. This supports our assertion that basic partner reach, pre-sales skills and post-sale integration will be as (if not more) important than ever as the industry moves to services-based technology models. (more…)

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First Things First – Cloud Vendor as Friend or Foe?

By Beth Vanni

Emerging channel engagement models in cloud services delivery

There I sat at the recent Baptie Channel Focus conference listening to channel executives from Microsoft and NetApp talk about their vision for c loud services.  Now, I’ve sat at this conference for some eight years running, and in that moment I had a vivid flashback to the movie “Ground hog Day.”

In the movie, the lead character is trapped in a time warp where he wakes up every morning to the same set of limiting circumstances, and he gets to do a “do-over” of how he handles the day’s events and relationships.  Great movie if you’ve never seen it.   The déjà vu moment for me was about the basic relationship between IT vendors and their channel partners. Despite how far IT technology has come in the last decade and how much of a revolution cloud computi ng promises to offer us all, it seems like basic vendor/partner relationship dynamics are caught in a time warp.


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It’s All About the Service – A Lesson In iPhone Loss

Beth Vanni

Beth Vanni

OK, so it’s my fault.  I was at the circus with my kids, using  my new new Apple iPhone 3G as a camera (can’t miss those shots with the elephants and the Bermese Pythons).  It dropped out of my lap.  Either that or the Snow Cone vendor was eyeing it the whole time – that’s my theory.  Either way, it’s gone, and the last 24 hours of my life have not been the same!


Circus Casualty

Of course, everyone knows that the iPhone is only available in the U.S. through one exclusive service provider, AT&T.   What an OEM deal that must have been!   An old friend of  mine who works for Apple admits the Apple/AT&T deal was so rich that the royalties paid by AT&T to Apple are paying for a good chunk of the ongoing R&D on the iPhone technology.   Either way, I’m now addicted. Yes, I actually do use the AppStore for all those thousands of plug-in apps. And, I use the Safari web browser …. a lot. I never call 411 anymore. And I didn’t buy a Garmin, because most of the GPS functionality I need I can do on the iPhone. And finally, for the first time in my 25+ year career, I really am getting emails pushed live down to my iPhone and can actually be pretty productive when NOT in front my laptop. Amazing. This device can really make anyone from the 12 year old text-maniac to the 52 year old corporate sales executive both really productive and entertained at the same time.


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