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Websense Announces Channel Program Enhancements and New Channel Chief

By Beth Vanni, Director of Market Intelligence

In the last three years, Websense has made big strides in both its market position and the maturity of its channel engagement programs. Once known as the small, web filtering McAfee challenger with an unclear commitment to channels, the company announced a number of key product, program and executive management changes at their Annual Partner Conference last week which indicate their continued and serious commitment to success in the channel and as a leader in enterprise security.

1. The company announced a new, simplified U.S. margin structure and greater incentives for deal registration and license renewal migration to their Websense Security Gateway and v10000 appliance products. In a subscription licensing world, securing renewals and upselling to their broader portfolio is critical.

2. Their core partnering program now offers an impressive variety of co-marketing and sales prospecting tools to make it easier for partners to do demand generation work, including a turnkey Harte Hanks telemarketing services and a direct marketing & appointment setting campaigns offered by a local marketing firm called Binary Pulse. Yet another offering was announced with Bridgemetrics for building custom landing pages and microsites.



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SaaS Leader Continues Major Product Innovations: Can Partnering Support Keep Pace?

By Beth Vanni, Director, Market Intelligence

For nearly a decade, has created major waves in the traditional enterprise software market. Now with $1.3 billion in revenues and 70,000 customers, the SaaS innovator has clearly changed the way software is delivered and managed.

At this year’s Dreamforce user conference, it was clear that the SaaS provider has aims to not only dominate the legacy CRM and SFA markets, but is trying to innovate the way all parts of the IT ecosystem (customers, ISVs, solution providers) create collaborative relationships using technology.

As many would expect, the keynote sessions were all about software/ service innovation. Marc Benioff, the company’s charismatic Chairman and CEO, evangelized the next generation applications offering.  This included the Sales Cloud 2, Service Cloud 2, Custom Cloud 2 and newly announced Chatter collaboration platforms.  A host of new features were announced for all product sets, to the enthusiastic reception of the user and partner audience. (more…)

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IBM’s Mid-Market Push: Posting Notable Progress with Industry Solutions and Business Partner Engagement

Beth Vanni Blog Beth Vanni – Director, Market Intelligence – Amazon   Consulting

IBM is hell-bent on become the preferred technology and services provider for mid-market customers – Globally. And in true big-Blue form, they‘ve got thousands of people and a lot of money focused on getting there. With nearly 25% marketshare across their broad portfolio in the mid-market globally, they’re starting to gain meaningfully broad traction in the sub 1000-user customer space. Fundamental to their route to market approach will, of course, be their broad business partner community. But can IBM truly create the simple product solutions, services offerings and local field engagement to act as one, integrated technology provider in this space? And, do they really have the right profile of partner to represent complete industry-focused solutions to mid-market customers? (more…)

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Q4 2009 Check-in

By Diane Krakora, CEO

Diane speaks briefly about  partnering priorities this quarter that could very well expand through 2010, including partner program refreshing, optimizing channel spend, breaking into new markets, and internal and external channel sales training.

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OPN Specialized at Oracle OpenWorld 2009

Beth Vanni shares her thoughts on OPN Specialized with Lydia Smyers immediately after the launch of the program at Oracle OpenWorld 2009.

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Channel Complexity – Vendor/Partner Marriage Counseling

By Beth Vanni – Director, Market Intelligencebvanni-print

When psychologists ask most married couples about what creates conflict in their marriage, there is often a classic gender gap in perceptions.  Women will often talk about lack of sharing, communication and having joint goals — those long-term things in a marriage that create meaningful bonds.  Men will often talk about arguments over money and not enough physical intimacy (OK, sex).   The day to day “glue” of a marriage that keep the wheels on the bus.   Not that I’m trying to indict the male species, but this classic gender-based delta in needs feels much like the results from our recent research study focused on Channel Complexity.   Let me explain ….

The goal of our research was to identify what areas of channel programs and processes caused partners the most cost, wasted time and generally infuriated partners  about their leading vendor’s programs.  We then compared those responses to the vendor’s own perception of where they felt they could improve in their ease-of-doing-business quotients.   The results were fascinating – much like a marriage counseling session.   Beyond the one resoundingly common complexity issue of managing training and certification requirements, the wish list of things to simplify seemed quite divergent.


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Windows 7: The Great “White Hope” for IT Spending or Hopeful Optimism?

Microsoft Partner Conference Update

Beth Vanni

Beth Vanni

By the end of 2010 more than 20% of the U.S. IT workforce will be using Windows 7.   More than 177 million copies of Windows 7 should be in place worldwide – 60 million of that in the U.S.   These July 2009 projections from IDC align with the level of optimism and enthusiasm expressed by Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO, as he marched back and forth on stage with his customary passion and salesmanship.
Perhaps even more interesting was the number of hands that went up in the main session when Ballmer asked how many of the 9,000 some odd partners in the audience were already running or using Windows 7.  To my eye, it seemed that about 2/3 of the audience raised their hands.   Bill Veghte, SVP of the Windows Business, reported that over 16,000 hardware and software partners are currently developing on Windows 7;  Microsoft experienced nowhere near this early momentum for previous Windows releases prior to their general availability.  IDC projects that the 85,000 Microsoft partner companies in the U.S. will collectively employ nearly 700,000 people and will sell $18.51 of services and products for every $1 of Windows 7 sold.  According to their projections, the economic impact of this market should total $100 billion in products and services sold around Windows 7 into the U.S. market between now and by the end of 2010. (more…)

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