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Plan Your Work and Work your Plan

Does Vendor/Partner Business Planning Really Lead to Results?

by Beth Vanni, Vice President

If IT vendors and solution providers have learned anything from the turmoil of the past few years, it’s the importance of engaging in meaningful business planning – both individually and together.  As signs of recovery come into focus, it’s imperative that both vendors and solution providers understand their mutual dependencies and be able to anticipate each other’s plans and resources to set the stage for future growth.

Our 2011 State of Partnering Study identifies business planning as a highly strategic activity vendors plan to continue to engage in this year.  87% of our 100 vendor respondents said they would continue business planning with their more valued partners and another 48% said they would expand business planning to their next tier of developing partners.  They plan to accomplish two things:  a). better anticipate their partners’ business model evolution and help them navigate and b). assist with partner profitability. (more…)


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Recruiting the Right Partners

By Beth Vanni

Recruiting the right partners remains an age-old channel  management challenge.

Vendors have gotten increasingly more sophisticated at the “whys” and “hows” of recruiting over the years.  But the fact that nearly 50% of vendors surveyed in our 2009 State of Partner Program study indicated that recruitment represented a “very” or “somewhat” challenging issue in 2008 tells us there’s still progress to be made. (more…)

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The Quality vs. Quantity Debate: Starbucks as a Case Study in Regional Coverage vs. Quality of Service


Beth Vanni

Beth Vanni

Today’s headlines add to the growing “chicken little” reaction to the U.S. economic woes….   “Starbucks Cutting More Jobs, Closing Stores.”   Now, I’m a pretty loyal Starbuck’s customer (sometimes two Venti ice teas a day!), but also a 25 year channel analyst.   And, my reaction to this headline was a candid “Well, of course they are!”


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Partner Segmentation … Critical to do? Or just another “fad” in channel modeling?

Sue Redmore

Sue Redmore

“Partner Segmentation” seems to be the new buzz word in many high tech circles these days.  If companies are not already in the midst of some form of segmentation analysis, they are considering adding it as a critical component of partnering engagements moving forward.

This sort of modeling exercise is not a new concept, so why the renewed interest?

From our vantage point, we think one reason is the evolution of partner business models. Those of us who have been in this industry for many years remember the days of the basic VAR and distributor model. Looking back seems a kinder and simpler time then. Fast forward 10 years and witness the transition to a partnering model based on a wide range of partnering types, options for multiple points of entry into a program, and the growing trend to move from a pure volume based model to one driving the total value of a partner’s skills and expertise based on competencies or specialization.


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