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Reevaluating the Timing and Costs of Recruiting New Channel Partners

A ‘perfect storm’ brewing around the issue of channel development

By Beth Vanni, Vice President, Amazon Consulting

A variety of economic and industry innovation elements are currently combining to create the “perfect storm” of channel development issues including:

A rash of disruptive technologies entering the market

A slowly rebounding economy within a still-uncertain economic environment

Continued industry consolidation among vendors and solution providers

These challenges are accelerating the issue of how technology vendors and solution providers can continue to work together to grow their mutual success. (more…)


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Business and Sales Skills Come of Age: Cisco Partners Increase Investment in “Soft Skills”

Beth Vanni

Beth Vanni

Cisco Gold, Silver and Premium partners are bullish on sales growth this year.  According to the recent Cisco Bi-Annual Talent Survey, they expect sales growth of between 11 – 20% in the coming year.   As a result, maintaining and growing their top talent is a big priority.

A full 78% indicated that they are still hiring technical talent at this time.  Another 84% indicated they are investing heavily in employee development programs.  And their top priority for growing their people’s talent (and their business impact) is solution selling and “soft” business skills.   Despite budgets being tighter, nearly half of these top Cisco partners  (42%) are increasing their investment in their employees’ customer management, selling and business process skills. (more…)

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Look Three Turns Ahead

Diane Krakora

Diane Krakora

Any good snow skier know you have to look three turns ahead to navigate moguls with speed and agility. If your focus is on the current bump, by the time you navigate that turn, you’re tossed back on your heels and in a scramble to set up for the next turn. If on the other hand, you continue to look three turns ahead, you’ve created a visual plan and are now simply executing that plan, while keeping your focus on the future –what’s the next bump or challenge. You know where you’re going next, are positioned forward, over your ski’s, in the attack stance, executing your plan without really even thinking about it, and can move much, much faster through the mogul field. You might still catch an edge on a bump, fumble a bit, miss your planned next turn and need to re-adjust your plan for your next three turns – but at least wobble happens infrequently, not on every single turn.

This is a great lesson to take with us as we move into 2009 – a large and long mogul field. It seems everybody is focused on their feet right now. What is (more…)

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