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Oracle OpenWorld 2010

Mark Hurd made his first public appearance as the the newly minted president of Oracle at the PartnerNetwork Forum on Sunday, September 19th – the appetizer to the Oracle OpenWorld event. Judson Althoff, senior vice president of worldwide alliances and channels, asked Mark four questions. Watch Diane’s video-blog for the details on those questions. He left the partner audience with three things to remember. One, recognize the opportunity in the complete Oracle portfolio – from database to applications and now hardware, Oracle has the most complete solution portfolio in the industry. Two, get specialized – differentiate yourself with customers and the Oracle field sales team by completing the specialization courses and tracks. And lastly, engage with the Oracle field sales team in a way that compliments them in the market place – don’t do what the Oracle sales team does in the in the same place they do it.

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OPN Specialized: The First Step to a Value-Based Channel Program?

Beth Vanni – Director, Market Intelligence

Oracle has a lot to talk about these days – six new acquisitions completed or pending since the beginning of 2010, details about the Sun integration rolling-out, and their FY10 financial results which include a 20% increase in partner transactions year-over-year. The Redwood Shores giant is, no doubt, a global industry leader with a massive portfolio and influence to match.

But the news yesterday on the kick-off of their new OPN Specialized program was a tad less groundbreaking. Of course, Judson Althoff’s Worldwide Partner organization produced a very thorough, professional web event, with endorsements about the value of the channel to Oracle’s success and how critical partners’ investment in certifications is. Everyone chimed in — all four major executives, training people, product people, and partners themselves. The main message was that because of the breadth of the Oracle portfolio (10,000 products), it’s more critical than ever for partners to become specialized in their product or services expertise. Charles Phillip’s quote was “we don’t need a bunch of generalists.” (it’s on eChannelLine today) (more…)

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OPN Specialized at Oracle OpenWorld 2009

Beth Vanni shares her thoughts on OPN Specialized with Lydia Smyers immediately after the launch of the program at Oracle OpenWorld 2009.

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Lines Drawn In The Sand: Are Oracle’s Partnering Efforts Ready to Stand Among its New Competitors?

Oracle PictureBeth Vanni – Director, Market Intelligence

October 12, 2009 —  Oracle OpenWorld 2009:   As Sun Microsystems’ Chairman Scott McNealy literally passed the baton to his “better capitalist” colleague, Larry Ellison, it became clear on stage to most OpenWorld attendees that Oracle is entering a new league.  When the Sun acquisition becomes final for Oracle, targeted for January 2010, Oracle will join the short list of enterprise computing platform mega-vendors, namely IBM, HP, and Cisco.  But, will the Oracle Partner Network measure up to the maturity of the world-class channel engagement and support programs offered by its peers?


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