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To Write or Not to Write – Hasn’t that Always Been the Question?

Can yesterday’s VARs ever emerge as tomorrow’s Cloud developers?

Beth Vanni – Vice President, Amazon Consulting

When your children are young, it’s hard as a parent to not sit longingly and dream about all the wonderful things your kids could be, could learn, could accomplish.  Can they apply themselves in school enough to be a doctor?  Will they do humanitarian work?  Is pro sports in their future? How can they live up to their full potential, and how can I as a parent help them do that?

The long-standing debate about whether the generalist VAR business model is a thing of the past reminds me of this brain teaser.   Should VARs “grow up” and invest in a datacenter to become an MSP?  (more…)


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Investing in a New Technology: Are IT Solution Providers ROI Expectations in line with those of the Vendor?

By Beth Vanni, Vice President – Amazon Consulting

In a recent study of 184 solution providers on their vendor partnerships, over 40% indicated they want a 2x ROI on their investment in a new technology or vendor line in the first year.  A smaller group, 12%, expect an even higher investment of 3–5x, and 27% are willing to just break even.  Another 20% are satisfied to not even break even in the first year, as long as there is a demonstrated build in customer demand.

Resellers and systems integrators, those with typically less investment of intellectual property and assets, had the highest expectation for ROI in that first year.  MSPs and ISVs, those partners typically building long-term commercial products and service infrastructure, were more comfortable with breakeven or even less in the first year.

Whether you’re a tier one platform for your channel partners, or just an important enabling technology, understanding the ROI expectations and appetite and timing for investment from your partners is more critical than ever.

Download the FREE Executive Brief on this comprehensive research from Amazon Consulting: From Rookie to Rock Star: Accelerating the Development of Channel Partnerships to learn more about vendor/channel partner alignment around developing new technology relationships.

Also see the webinars: Rookie to Rock Star: Accelerating the Development of Channel Partnerships.

Rookie to Rockstar II: The Solution Provider’s View on Developing

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The Ecosystem of the Cloud: The Roles and Requirements of the Next Generation Solution Provider

A Candid Conversation with Robert Fuller from Rackspace Hosting

Beth Vanni, Director, Market Intelligence

I recently sat down with Robert Fuller, vice president of worldwide channel sales at Rackspace Hosting, Inc., a global provider of infrastructure and hosting services. We discussed his views of the evolving cloud and services market. Some of the topics we covered included the business models cloud solution providers are adopting and the bigger challenges that solution providers are facing as they build cloud practices. We also discussed how Rackspace supports partners (2,000 worldwide) as they build practices around this new technology.

Here are some highlights, with Fuller’s thoughts on:

Infrastructure challenges for cloud services providers:

“VARs and MSPs are suddenly realizing that they offered to host one of their customer’s services in their own data center versus them putting it under their desk on premise. (more…)

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Building Cloud Services – The Great Channel Divide

A View from CompTIA Breakaway 2010

Beth Vanni, Director, Market Intelligence, Amazon Consulting

I love the CompTIA Breakaway event. Despite the fact that it’s often scheduled in really hot places in August (this year, San Antonio – 105+ every day), it’s such a great place to get a reality check on what issues solution providers are really facing.

I had the good fortune again this year to participate in the event in two ways. First, I facilitated a couple of breakout sessions – birds of a feather discussions among the solution provider members. The two topics for the breakouts were 1). How to more effectively use P2P collaboration to grow your business and 2). How to protect and increase loyalty with your install customer base. Both are meaty, timely topics. Second, I participated in an industry analyst panel discussing the major trends in the channel for 2011.

What was remarkable to me in both of these breakout sessions, and at the conference at large, was the disconnect from the vendors’ vision about the massive impact of the cloud and the huge services opportunity it represents for the channel and the general business readiness of the average solution provider attendee. In both of my breakout sessions, the biggest issue many of the partners articulated they were facing was how to get out of the onsey-twosey break-fix business; how to stop having to do on-site service for broken laptops, printers and routers for their SMB customers. This issue seemed equally applicable to those companies who had not yet ventured into managed services as well as those who had mature MSP practices. They wanted tips and techniques for how to recruit a new kind of customer – one that understood managed and cloud services. One that would stop negotiating with them for pennies on the dollar for every stinkin’ service call. (more…)

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The Clouds Begin To Part: Where Do Distributors Fit After The Storm?

A View on the Vendor/Distributor Relationship from the GTDC Annual Summit
By Beth Vanni – Director, Market Intelligence

Top channel support functions that distributors help with to increase ease of doing business for vendors' partners (Amazon Consulting Cost of Complexity Study)
Top channel support functions that distributors help with to increase ease of doing business for vendors’ partners (Amazon Consulting Cost of Complexity Study)

At last year’s Global Technology Distribution Council (GTDC) most of the conversation was about access to capital and credit.  The bottom of the recession was looming straight ahead and the fear about IT product demand drying up was very palpable.   Fast forward 12 months.  This year’s event is decidedly more optimistic.  The major distributors have undoubtedly had a tough year, along with their major vendor partners, but by all indications of average selling prices, unit sell-through and pipeline forecasts, the major distributors think we’re all climbing out of the bottom of the trough.

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It’s All About the Service – A Lesson In iPhone Loss

Beth Vanni

Beth Vanni

OK, so it’s my fault.  I was at the circus with my kids, using  my new new Apple iPhone 3G as a camera (can’t miss those shots with the elephants and the Bermese Pythons).  It dropped out of my lap.  Either that or the Snow Cone vendor was eyeing it the whole time – that’s my theory.  Either way, it’s gone, and the last 24 hours of my life have not been the same!


Circus Casualty

Of course, everyone knows that the iPhone is only available in the U.S. through one exclusive service provider, AT&T.   What an OEM deal that must have been!   An old friend of  mine who works for Apple admits the Apple/AT&T deal was so rich that the royalties paid by AT&T to Apple are paying for a good chunk of the ongoing R&D on the iPhone technology.   Either way, I’m now addicted. Yes, I actually do use the AppStore for all those thousands of plug-in apps. And, I use the Safari web browser …. a lot. I never call 411 anymore. And I didn’t buy a Garmin, because most of the GPS functionality I need I can do on the iPhone. And finally, for the first time in my 25+ year career, I really am getting emails pushed live down to my iPhone and can actually be pretty productive when NOT in front my laptop. Amazing. This device can really make anyone from the 12 year old text-maniac to the 52 year old corporate sales executive both really productive and entertained at the same time.


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Partner Segmentation … Critical to do? Or just another “fad” in channel modeling?

Sue Redmore

Sue Redmore

“Partner Segmentation” seems to be the new buzz word in many high tech circles these days.  If companies are not already in the midst of some form of segmentation analysis, they are considering adding it as a critical component of partnering engagements moving forward.

This sort of modeling exercise is not a new concept, so why the renewed interest?

From our vantage point, we think one reason is the evolution of partner business models. Those of us who have been in this industry for many years remember the days of the basic VAR and distributor model. Looking back seems a kinder and simpler time then. Fast forward 10 years and witness the transition to a partnering model based on a wide range of partnering types, options for multiple points of entry into a program, and the growing trend to move from a pure volume based model to one driving the total value of a partner’s skills and expertise based on competencies or specialization.


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