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Amazon Consulting’s Approach to a Unified Global Partner Program

by Diane Krakora – CEO

In our previous blog post, we introduced Quest Software and its business partner needs. Unifying the channel program for Quest and its partner community became a vital corporate priority. Quest engaged Amazon Consulting to help build collaboration with industry partners, increase opportunities for partners to grow sales and profitability and deliver greater customer satisfaction. (more…)


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Cloud Little Brother

by Diane Krakora, CEO

My older brother made me better. He was born two years before me and not only paved the way through our parents’ faulty expectations of curfews and perfect school attendance; he also motivated me to greatness. I was always trying to keep up – playing his sports (football, baseball, kick the can), stealing his books and listening to his music. I learned faster by following him around – and he continued to be pissed he wasn’t farther ahead than his annoying little sister. Maybe we’re unique because we’re both competitive, however there is evidence the second child develops more rapidly when they are close in age to their sibling.

Sitting here at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, I’m starting to believe a similar phenomenon is happening with solution providers transitioning to the cloud. (more…)

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Top 5 Microsoft Partner Revenue Opportunities

Partner VP Ross Brown Lays Out FY11 Plan

Beth Vanni, Director, Market Intelligence, Amazon Consulting

As the man responsible for making the top Microsoft partners successful, Ross Brown, V.P. of Worldwide Partner Sales, has a clear set of priorities. In an impassioned keynote to nearly 400 partners at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference earlier this month, Brown laid out his short list of immediate revenue opportunities for partners while stating his own priorities for the coming fiscal year.

  • Windows Optimized Desktop:  This bundle of Windows, all the major business apps and Systems Center will carry a $3-$5/seat incentive beginning in November.

  • Virtualization:  Brown touted the breadth of Microsoft’s virtualization portfolio and announced an aggressive 20% deal registration incentive for new virtualization business, starting in October.

  • Windows Intune:  The new all-in-one PC management cloud service got a lot of partners excited about central administration and managed services. (more…)
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    Microsoft’s Balmer offers a Rally-cry for Partner Cloud Investment

    Highlights of Microsoft’s 2010 Partner Conference

    Beth Vanni, Director, Market Intelligence, Amazon Consulting

    How can a company that literally owns the desktop and has one of the largest ISV communities not be actively talking about the cloud? It’s clear that after much criticism of its somewhat divided “Software + Services” strategy and its late entry into mobile device support, the Redmond giant is serious about the cloud. Or at least that’s the impression we came away with from the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington, D.C., earlier this month.

    By definition of its product strategy and customer legacy, Microsoft has to live in two worlds. On one hand they have to actively address the here and now — nearly 400,000 business PCs that are ready for a Windows 7 and/or Windows 2010 upgrades. And Windows 7 has been very successful in its first seven months (namely 150 million licenses).  On the other hand, the company has to paint its future for outsourced and cloud software services.  They have invested heavily in its Business Productivity On-Line Suite (BPOS) and Dynamic CRM on-line services,  and executives shared today that the much-awaited Azure development environment now has a full 10,000 paying customers, addressing the SaaS needs of both ISVs and corporations creating custom applications. (more…)

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    All-in with the Cloud

    Diane Krakora – CEO, Amazon Consulting

    Microsoft jumped on the cloud bandwagon (albeit 18 months later than most other software companies) in a big way at WPC. There were a couple of different messages at the show… Infinite Possiblities” was the main theme, and the Window’s 7 team is promoting “We Win with Partners” but the clear rally cry wase “All In” – Microsoft is all in the cloud.

    See Also: Event Analysis – Microsoft WW Partner Conference

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