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ISVs Still the Strategic Channel Segment at

Strong Growth and Enhanced Toolset for SaaS Developers Announced

Beth Vanni  –  Vice President, Amazon Consulting  

When Denzil Samuels,’s new Channel Chief, asked how many people in the partner keynote session of last week’s Dreamforce event were developing applications using the company’s platform, about 75% of the audience’s hands shot up.   This response reflects the very development-centric make-up of the SaaS leader’s current channel ecosystem.  And, with stats like 97% growth of software OEM partners, 90% increase in ISV revenues and 210% increase in the number of ISV orders, it’s hard to argue this ongoing developer focus. (more…)


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To Write or Not to Write – Hasn’t that Always Been the Question?

Can yesterday’s VARs ever emerge as tomorrow’s Cloud developers?

Beth Vanni – Vice President, Amazon Consulting

When your children are young, it’s hard as a parent to not sit longingly and dream about all the wonderful things your kids could be, could learn, could accomplish.  Can they apply themselves in school enough to be a doctor?  Will they do humanitarian work?  Is pro sports in their future? How can they live up to their full potential, and how can I as a parent help them do that?

The long-standing debate about whether the generalist VAR business model is a thing of the past reminds me of this brain teaser.   Should VARs “grow up” and invest in a datacenter to become an MSP?  (more…)

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The New Breed of Business Influencer: Do Influence Fees Make the Grade?

by Beth Vanni, Vice President

Reaping tangible business efficiency benefits from technology has long been the quest for end-users, and as such, has been their primary demand from their solution providers.  But, what kind of channel organizations are providing the greatest value around business or industry solutions today?  And are they getting the right kind of support from IT vendors to be effective and remain relevant?

Amazon Consulting research has shown that end-users have a distinct hierarchy of needs of their solution providers.  On the top of that list is the solution provider’s ability to have a comprehensive product and services offering, combined with the ability to be proactive and anticipate their unique needs.   In our most recent research entitled “Influencing the Influencers”, Amazon Consulting identified the current breed of partners offering these tailored business solutions. (more…)

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IBM Formalizes Channel Cloud Engagement Models Announces Five Cloud Specializations at Partnerworld Leadership Conference

by Beth Vanni, Vice President

Big Blue has been criticized for being a bit of a sleeping giant on the issue of aligning their cloud product and services strategy with their channel engagement models.  Not that many companies have been crystal clear on the intersect points of these two things to date, however.

The “IBM Cloud” has historically been mostly about their Global Technology Services infrastructure offerings, which frankly has been positioned more to their enterprise direct customers. Well, the giant seems to have awakened!  At this year’s Partnerworld Leadership Conference not only did IBM declare cloud computing one of only four global corporate initiatives (that’s very few for IBM) and publicly challenge Amazon’s cloud infrastructure packaging and pricing model. They also announced their first formal Partnerworld program designed for channel partners who are serious about the cloud.

The good news? Lots, actually.   (more…)

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Investing in a New Technology: Are IT Solution Providers ROI Expectations in line with those of the Vendor?

By Beth Vanni, Vice President – Amazon Consulting

In a recent study of 184 solution providers on their vendor partnerships, over 40% indicated they want a 2x ROI on their investment in a new technology or vendor line in the first year.  A smaller group, 12%, expect an even higher investment of 3–5x, and 27% are willing to just break even.  Another 20% are satisfied to not even break even in the first year, as long as there is a demonstrated build in customer demand.

Resellers and systems integrators, those with typically less investment of intellectual property and assets, had the highest expectation for ROI in that first year.  MSPs and ISVs, those partners typically building long-term commercial products and service infrastructure, were more comfortable with breakeven or even less in the first year.

Whether you’re a tier one platform for your channel partners, or just an important enabling technology, understanding the ROI expectations and appetite and timing for investment from your partners is more critical than ever.

Download the FREE Executive Brief on this comprehensive research from Amazon Consulting: From Rookie to Rock Star: Accelerating the Development of Channel Partnerships to learn more about vendor/channel partner alignment around developing new technology relationships.

Also see the webinars: Rookie to Rock Star: Accelerating the Development of Channel Partnerships.

Rookie to Rockstar II: The Solution Provider’s View on Developing

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The Ecosystem of the Cloud: The Roles and Requirements of the Next Generation Solution Provider

A Candid Conversation with Kevin O’Brien from Oracle

Beth Vanni, Director, Market Intelligence

Kevin O’Brien, Oracle’s senior director, ISV and SaaS Strategy, Worldwide Channels & Alliances, and I recently sat down to discuss issues that relate to cloud services partners, in conjunction with the Amazon Consulting series of publications, Ecosystem of the Cloud. Kevin outlined Oracle’s cloud strategy and how important solution providers are to that strategy.

Oracle’s partner strategy regarding cloud solutions delivery:
“[There] are the four main areas we’re looking at: expanding our ISV/SaaS opportunity; working with service providers in the public cloud space; working with systems integrators in the private cloud space; and, working with the channel/VAR/solution builders/etc. in the integration space in between public and private clouds.”

“From a private cloud standpoint, we are working extensively with a lot of our closest integrator partners that are helping customers sort out their private cloud strategies and how they want to move forward there. (more…)

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The Five Business Models of Cloud Providers

From affiliates to developers, there’s a place for many partner types in cloud computing

Beth Vanni – Director, Market Intelligence

In the channel ecosystem of Cloud Computing, we see five distinct partnering roles emerging that are critical to the effective deployment of public or private cloud technologies. Interestingly enough, these roles all exist in non-cloud technology deployment, and have more in common with the models used today to support premise-based, client/server solutions than differences. This supports our assertion that basic partner reach, pre-sales skills and post-sale integration will be as (if not more) important than ever as the industry moves to services-based technology models. (more…)

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