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Life at Apple after Steve Jobs

Will channels ever hold its own for investment and innovation?

Beth Vanni – Vice President

Apple stands at a crossroads. They are the only major IT vendor that has it all – the cool computing devices, the operating system, and the server and storage technology to run the backoffice. Their thriving community of ISVs and developers is a huge asset…but what most people don’t know is that Apple has a strong, focused channel of indirect partners that help it get to market effectively. In the post-Jobs Apple, the question is whether they’ll finally start to really leverage it to keep their place at the top. (more…)


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Whose Job is it Anyway? Partnering Automation Imperatives for a Cloud World

Cary Tengler– Director, Client Services

It would be odd to sign up for wireless phone service and not get a detailed monthly bill, right?

And these days you get on-line bill-pay, web chat and customer service options as well. You’re also able to view your voice, data, and text rates, usage and activity in excruciating detail. All of that information, however, comes not from Apple, Google or Nokia, but from your service provider – the wireless carrier. AT&T or Verizon or Sprint is your service provider, so that’s where you expect the “service.”

But in the world of Cloud and SaaS computing solutions, where do channel partners go for support? IT VARs have historically worked with their vendors and distributors, while agents have worked with carriers, CLECs, and other voice and data providers. The increasing adoption of Cloud-based services is causing IT vendors and service providers alike to rethink the role and investment requirements of partner automation, communication, and collaboration tools. (more…)

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It’s Hard to Teach a Partner to Fish When You’re Not Fishing Yourself

Beth Vanni – Vice President

There is a definite desire on the part of vendors to actively market their technology to business decision makers. In fact, in our recent Influencing the Influencer Study, 86% of vendors indicate that succeeding in selling business relevant solutions through partners is very important to them. Yet in this same study, 62% of vendors say that they have only achieved average results in this arena. Another 25% say they themselves do not have a strong focus on business decision makers, but rather are selling to IT decision makers — where the focus is on products, and not solutions.

This type of selling is in conflict with the sales and marketing direction many of these IT vendors give to their channel partners today;  namely, to be true solution providers actively try to penetrate new markets by demonstrating business value. The problem? How can vendors teach partners to do what they don’t have a fundamental sales and marketing commitment to do themselves? (more…)

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Pre-sales Prospecting: The New Channel Competency Imperative

Beth Vanni, Vice President
For as long as there have been indirect channels for IT products and services, vendors have sought the attention, investment and loyalty of channel partners for one primary reason — to expand their market reach. The promise of new projects and new customers has been not the only driver in forging vendor/channel partnerships, but it has been a key one. But what combination of competencies makes a solution provider most adept at driving new business, especially for emerging technologies? (more…)

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HP’s Services Enablement Strategy Proves To Be The Keystone In Creating Its “Franchise” Partner Of The Future

Beth Vanni, Vice President

As the world’s largest technology company, HP continues to enjoy strong growth and market share gains in most product segments. New CEO Leo Apotheker is emphatic in his vision of how HP will leverage the broadest portfolio in the marketplace and its global brand presence to drive this growth into the future through its integrated ‘Everybody on” and ‘converged infrastructure’ customer promises.

As the company strives to be more integrated with its OneHP vision and cross-product go-to-market strategy, how do HP’s partners fit into the mix? (more…)

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HP SMB Central

by Diane Krakora, CEO

HP today launched HP SMB Central, an online portal designed to help HP channel partners seize the $57 billion SMB market opportunity with easy access to resources and support to enable business growth.  Targeted at resellers who serve small businesses with 10 – 500 employees, HP SMB Central provides authorized HP channel partners, who register on the new portal, with a direct connection to sales and marketing support, real-time answers to questions, and information on products and solutions across the entire HP portfolio. Watch Diane Krakora’s vBlog for an overview of the announcement.

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HP Invests to Jumpstart SMB Marketshare Growth

HP Leverages Massive Infrastructure, Simplicity and Marketing Funds to Attract SMB Resellers

By Beth Vanni, Vice President

Few technology vendors (OK, less than a dozen) have a portfolio that can truly span the needs of most end-users with < 500 employees. HP is clearly one of those companies. And given its orientation to doing business through indirect channels, HP has always been a leader in consumer and small business with its printers, multi-function devices, laptops, and low-end servers. But, the global computing giant seems to have awakened in the last 2-3 years relative to the resources it applies to being the clear winner in the SMB market, a marketshare opportunity it sizes at $46 billion in the U.S. alone.

Maybe it’s because the economy has been bad, and its legacy enterprise customers have stalled spending. Maybe it’s because Cisco has gotten uniquely focused on this market, especially the <100 small business segment of SMB. Or, maybe it’s just because the company continually finds ways to reinvent itself (no pun intended) and refocus to capitalize on market inflections. In any scenario, as it prepares for its Partner Summit event later this month, HP has come out with both guns blazin’ in its focus on the SMB segment with a combination of collaborative communication, transaction automation and incentives to fire up the engines of its SMB-focused channel partners. (more…)

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