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The Cloud Era of Channel Success: Is Your Organization Partner-Ready?

by Diane Krakora – CEO

At the recent Channel Cloud Summit event, Diane Ruth, Executive Director of Business Development at Boomi (the Saas integration leader that was recently purchased by Dell), discussed their strategy for success with partners.

Ruth’s first point was vendors can increase their flexibility by aligning their go-to-market models with the partners’ business models: referral, resell, service bureau (only the partner has access to the platform, performing the full function of the solution for their customer) and OEM. Additionally, that the vendor should define the roles and responsibilities across these business models – clearly describing the interaction point between sales and pre-support, level 1 & 2 support, level 3 support and contract/billing/invoicing policies. (more…)


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HP’s Services Enablement Strategy Proves To Be The Keystone In Creating Its “Franchise” Partner Of The Future

Beth Vanni, Vice President

As the world’s largest technology company, HP continues to enjoy strong growth and market share gains in most product segments. New CEO Leo Apotheker is emphatic in his vision of how HP will leverage the broadest portfolio in the marketplace and its global brand presence to drive this growth into the future through its integrated ‘Everybody on” and ‘converged infrastructure’ customer promises.

As the company strives to be more integrated with its OneHP vision and cross-product go-to-market strategy, how do HP’s partners fit into the mix? (more…)

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The Texas Titans Gang Up: Perot Systems and Dell Make Enterprise Services Play – Late to the Game

bvanni-printFor me, it’s a pretty simple debrief.  Dell has been increasingly trying to gain relevance in the enterprise, with both servers, storage and services.

They had no real comparable services arm to compete with EDS/HP or IBM G.S.   They are worried about getting further commoditized at the device/PC level and about not having an offsetting high margin services play.   They’re smart enough to know they can only streamline their cost structure so low and become further efficient at commodity PCs as a sustainable business strategy for so long.   They also were last to the game with a meaningful outsourcing services offer.   Lastly, they also needed vertical industry practices to gain more business user relevance (and stop selling on price & feature/function to the IT Director).   So, Perot brings them all of those things, with a stated focus and successful history in a couple of big verticals (gov’t. and healthcare).

It just seems to me like Dell paid a HUGE price for this (60%+ premium over current stock value).   But the clock was ticking.


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Dell Distribution Agreement Shock Waves

By Tim Lowe

Finally some news other than what’s going on in the economy!

DELL’s distribution agreement announcement is sending shock waves throughout the industry larger than rumors of IBM-SUN merger discussions. The availability of a subset of the DELL product line through broad line distributors Ingram Micro and Tech Data has ramifications for every value added reseller in the channel. The worst kept secret in the industry for years has been the percentage of DELL desktop and laptop business that has either been sold or influenced by the channel. I’ve never seen an accurate estimate of how many Dell desktops have been “sold” by the channel through the influence of a solution provider either for a configuration fee or simply as part of the overall solution package. And of course Dell has used broad line distributors for years to provide the logistics of their third party options. However the public announcement of a formal relationship between DELL and Ingram Micro/Tech Data legitimizes the entrance of Dell into the channel supply chain. (more…)

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The Quality vs. Quantity Debate: Starbucks as a Case Study in Regional Coverage vs. Quality of Service


Beth Vanni

Beth Vanni

Today’s headlines add to the growing “chicken little” reaction to the U.S. economic woes….   “Starbucks Cutting More Jobs, Closing Stores.”   Now, I’m a pretty loyal Starbuck’s customer (sometimes two Venti ice teas a day!), but also a 25 year channel analyst.   And, my reaction to this headline was a candid “Well, of course they are!”


February 6, 2009 at 11:33 pm 1 comment

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