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For Niche Distributors, the Future is Cloudy

By Kevin Fox, Consultant

Many vendors are unclear what role, if any, distributors may play in their cloud strategy. As for niche technology distributors, the future is even more unclear. 

Behemoths the likes of Avnet, Ingram and Tech Data are scrambling to claim a piece of the pie. Who can blame them? IT spending is projected to grow at 4% annually through 2013, while “Cloud” spend is projected to grow at 26% annually (source: IDC). That is, 25% of overall IT growth will come from Cloud/SaaS offerings in the next few years.  (more…)


November 8, 2011 at 4:08 pm 2 comments

Whose Job is it Anyway? Partnering Automation Imperatives for a Cloud World

Cary Tengler– Director, Client Services

It would be odd to sign up for wireless phone service and not get a detailed monthly bill, right?

And these days you get on-line bill-pay, web chat and customer service options as well. You’re also able to view your voice, data, and text rates, usage and activity in excruciating detail. All of that information, however, comes not from Apple, Google or Nokia, but from your service provider – the wireless carrier. AT&T or Verizon or Sprint is your service provider, so that’s where you expect the “service.”

But in the world of Cloud and SaaS computing solutions, where do channel partners go for support? IT VARs have historically worked with their vendors and distributors, while agents have worked with carriers, CLECs, and other voice and data providers. The increasing adoption of Cloud-based services is causing IT vendors and service providers alike to rethink the role and investment requirements of partner automation, communication, and collaboration tools. (more…)

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Do or Die: To Cloud or Not to Cloud

by Sallie Martin, Consultant

We all know it… the Cloud is coming onshore quickly.  How VARs will fit into this new model is of abundant concern.  The first step is deciding whether to stay in the on-premise-only model or test-your-toes-in-the-Cloud pool.  In my opinion, if you wait too long, the answer will be made for you.

Customers are starting to understand the cost and flexibility benefits of the Cloud.  If you as a VAR are unable to have these conversations with them, then quite simply they will find someone that will.  This is a perfect door opener for your competition to enter into your best accounts.  A benefit of the Cloud is the reduced time for deployment of offerings.  This includes sales cycles, and your Cloud-savvy competitor isn’t going to wait for you to join the game.

If you are still on the fence post, talk to your favored vendors to understand their Cloud model.  Talk with a trusted Service Provider to understand how you can partner with them.  Read up on the areas that can affect your business such as different billing adaptations, new sales and consulting skills, and financial models.

The Cloud is one of the largest trends to hit technology in awhile.  The longer you put off starting the process, the greater the opportunity cost of missing the financial benefits. Adopt or be left behind.

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In a cloudy world… does the network matter?

by Diane Krakora, CEO

In this rush to “everything as a service”, has the network – the highway to the cloud – gotten lost? We all KNOW we need routers, switches, hubs and security to access all the goodness the cloud can offer us. Does the quality of the network matter? (more…)

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The Cloud Comes with Many Financial Questions for Transitioning Solution Providers

by Sallie Martin, Consultant

There was a lot of discussion at the Baptie ChannelFocus conference surrounding the Cloud. A topic that recurred multiple times was the financial aspect of how the channel will be affected by this ‘new’ model. Many Solution Providers who haven’t already transitioned into the MSP model have several issues facing them as they look toward the future. The most glaring point is how to move to a recurring revenue model while trying to pay the bills based on traditional upfront payments. (more…)

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HP’s Services Enablement Strategy Proves To Be The Keystone In Creating Its “Franchise” Partner Of The Future

Beth Vanni, Vice President

As the world’s largest technology company, HP continues to enjoy strong growth and market share gains in most product segments. New CEO Leo Apotheker is emphatic in his vision of how HP will leverage the broadest portfolio in the marketplace and its global brand presence to drive this growth into the future through its integrated ‘Everybody on” and ‘converged infrastructure’ customer promises.

As the company strives to be more integrated with its OneHP vision and cross-product go-to-market strategy, how do HP’s partners fit into the mix? (more…)

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Can’t Live with ‘Em, Can’t Live Without ‘Em:

Vendor/Partner Cloud Engagement Models Emerge

by Beth Vanni, Vice President

With both vendors and channel partners jumping on the bandwagon to evolve their services sales and delivery models to reflect a more holistic support offering to the customer, cloud solutions continue to come into the limelight.  And, despite the industry FUD about solution provider disintermediation in the cloud era, current research indicates vendors will continue their dependency on solution providers for customer management around cloud solutions.

The results of our 2011 State of Partnering Study reinforce the importance of close sales and support coordination between vendors and solution providers in promoting both public, private and hybrid cloud solutions in today’s market.  With input from 100 unique vendors, this year’s study results indicate maturing cloud delivery models among the IT vendor community, and expectation for partner involvement are coming into focus. (more…)

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