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2011 Partnering Trends: Ease of Doing Business and Partner Sales Skills Emerge as Focus

The preliminary results are in from our 5th annual State of Partnering vendor research.  This year’s study was the biggest and most comprehensive yet – with over 100 unique global IT vendors participating – and analyzes in detail the plans and priorities of the vendor community, both looking back on 2010 and ahead to 2011.  This year’s early results show a very specific focus on two long-term issues: increasing ease of doing business and increasing partner sales competency.

When looking at their top challenges for 2010, the top issue for vendors (67%) was recruiting the right partners to provide coverage and capabilities in target markets.  This makes sense, given the continual process the vendor community has engaged in of requalifying partners, and refocusing efforts on key industry penetration and providing growth support to top-performing partners.   But, right behind that was the challenge of becoming easier to do business with.  In fact more than a third of respondents indicated this was their top priority again for 2011 (third highest ranked).   It was ranked fourth in overall priorities in last year’s study and third the year before that.   Clearly, this is an issue most larger vendors cannot solve completely in a year or two.

The focus on increasing sales competency has been consistent in our research over the last several years as well.  In last year’s study it emerged for the first time as the #1 vendor priority (for 2010).  So, when it appeared this year as the #1 priority again.

Download the Executive Brief from the study for more insights.


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People and Pay-for-Performance are Vendors’ Top Spending Priorities

Beth Vanni – Director, Market Intelligence
Amazon Consulting

What channel spending is viewed as having the highest ROI for vendors?  And what investments are vendors planning to reevaluate or reduce this year?  Data from the Amazon Consulting 2010 State of Partnering Study indicates that the pendulum has swung back in favor of people as the vendor channel investment with highest ROI. Yes, good old partner-facing staff.

2010 was a tenuous year for many channel sales mangers.  A number of companies made significant changes to their field and phone-based coverage model and reevaluate both the number and type of partners a field channel sales manager would support.  And, those vendors that didn’t make changes were reevaluating compensation plans and core performance criteria for 2010.  Ironically enough, data from other Amazon Consulting research indicates that the top five vehicles solution providers want to use for two-way communication and collaboration with their leading vendors are all face-to-face:  local regional events, user groups, partner advisory councils, annual partner conferences and discussions with vendor’s staff were all highly ranked vehicles.  (more…)

April 21, 2010 at 10:54 pm 1 comment

Business and Sales Skills Come of Age: Cisco Partners Increase Investment in “Soft Skills”

Beth Vanni

Beth Vanni

Cisco Gold, Silver and Premium partners are bullish on sales growth this year.  According to the recent Cisco Bi-Annual Talent Survey, they expect sales growth of between 11 – 20% in the coming year.   As a result, maintaining and growing their top talent is a big priority.

A full 78% indicated that they are still hiring technical talent at this time.  Another 84% indicated they are investing heavily in employee development programs.  And their top priority for growing their people’s talent (and their business impact) is solution selling and “soft” business skills.   Despite budgets being tighter, nearly half of these top Cisco partners  (42%) are increasing their investment in their employees’ customer management, selling and business process skills. (more…)

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Generating Deals in 4 to 6 Weeks? Seriously?

What vendors are asking about this week at Amazon Consulting

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The VAR 500:Strange Bedfellows

Beth Vanni

Beth Vanni

I’m so glad I get time to sit on airplanes. Really. It seems to get the unlikely place where I get the best, most cogent reading done, while locked in those tiny seats. This morning that reading involved the much-awaited CRN VAR 500 issue (May ‘09) – OK, I’m a little behind….
So, there are three things I’m usually interested in with this issue;
1)  Who’s in the top ten?
2) how many new entrants have made it onto the list?
3) What the average year-to-year growth rate is of the overall group?

Granted,I’m still waking up to my first cup of Southwest Airlines coffee and I’m trying to glean a couple of these three things. But, immediately I have to do a double-take. It’s in the second sentence of the article. “The figure ($597,588,818,754 – total VAR500 annual revenues) is roughly $200 billion (yes, billion) more than last year’s number, largely because of the inclusion of the vendor services arms.” Huh? The vendor’s services arms?southwestairlines

Vendors were placed on a separate list of 25 in 2007 and 2008 and called “the Vendor Top 40” listing. The publication explains that the vendors were reintegrated onto the list, “recognizing their value as solution providers.” Well, yes, vendors add a lot of value to the IT market through their technologies and services. And, through the customer reach and services of their channel partners. But, isn’t putting the vendors’ own direct services divisions in clear and direct ranking competition with their very own channel partners IN A CHANNEL FOCUSED PUBLICATION pretty much heresy?   Now, I’m smart enough to understand that one size doesn’t fit all.  Would anyone really argue that IBM Global Services is a major force among independent global systems integrators in the IT market?  No, unless they wanted to forfeit their job.

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What’s the Deal? Multi-vendor “DealReg” Is Here

Live from Diane’s Desk –  weekly update on what’s happening around Amazon Consulting – channel news, trends and partnering matters.

Diane highlights vendor’s need for clear visibility into deal pipeline and new solution to make it easier for channel partners to register multiple vendor deals in one partner portal.

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Recruiting the Right Partners

By Beth Vanni

Recruiting the right partners remains an age-old channel  management challenge.

Vendors have gotten increasingly more sophisticated at the “whys” and “hows” of recruiting over the years.  But the fact that nearly 50% of vendors surveyed in our 2009 State of Partner Program study indicated that recruitment represented a “very” or “somewhat” challenging issue in 2008 tells us there’s still progress to be made. (more…)

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