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It’s About Building Trusted Relationships

by Diane Krakora – CEO

At the recent Cloud Channel Summit event, Marc Sternberg, CEO Rising Tide Media, was bullish on the opportunities to partner with cloud services.  He commented that with cloud computing gaining broad based market acceptance and cloud solutions delivering tangible business benefits, cloud vendors need partners help.  Sternberg stressed success in the cloud is about building trusted relationships – between vendors, channels and customers. (more…)


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Ease of Doing Business

By Cecilia Valdes, Consultant

The ease of doing business is a common goal between channel partners and technology vendors. However, the rapid change in technology has added to multiple partnering business models in offering technology solutions. Only a few years ago the predominant partner types were value-add resellers, corporate resellers and systems integrators. Now there are Infrastructure as a Service Providers, Managed Service Providers, Outsourcers, Software as a Service Providers, Storage as a Service Providers, Technology Providers and many more. In addition, many partners have multiple business models. As we continue the migration to service delivery models via private and public clouds, partnering business models will also have to continue to evolve. (more…)

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Both Pitchers and Catchers Required on the Cloud Ball field

by Beth Vanni, Vice President

Telecom service providers used to be customers in the tech world. Now they’re channel partners — in fact, really strategic partners, in the wake of cloud computing.  And, like with any emerging channel type, developing and nurturing a partner development team to help these major players get up to bat and hit some home runs in the cloud services space will take some well-orchestrated staffing support and dugout coordination by vendors. (more…)

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Leveraging Social Networks for P2P Collaboration – Are We There Yet?

by Beth Vanni, Vice President

Virtually all companies are now beginning to engage in some type of social media with their customers and their partners.  Facebook and Twitter icons are familiar sights on corporate website homepages, as are links to corporate weblogs. In five short years, social media has become the rule rather than the exception, and conspicuous only by its absence in today’s highly collaborative environment. But for all the customer-facing social media activities, what are vendors doing to foster either Partner-to-Vendor (P2V) or Partner-to-Partner (P2P) collaboration and network building using this powerful medium? (more…)

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Pre-sales Prospecting: The New Channel Competency Imperative

Beth Vanni, Vice President
For as long as there have been indirect channels for IT products and services, vendors have sought the attention, investment and loyalty of channel partners for one primary reason — to expand their market reach. The promise of new projects and new customers has been not the only driver in forging vendor/channel partnerships, but it has been a key one. But what combination of competencies makes a solution provider most adept at driving new business, especially for emerging technologies? (more…)

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Top 5 Microsoft Partner Revenue Opportunities

Partner VP Ross Brown Lays Out FY11 Plan

Beth Vanni, Director, Market Intelligence, Amazon Consulting

As the man responsible for making the top Microsoft partners successful, Ross Brown, V.P. of Worldwide Partner Sales, has a clear set of priorities. In an impassioned keynote to nearly 400 partners at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference earlier this month, Brown laid out his short list of immediate revenue opportunities for partners while stating his own priorities for the coming fiscal year.

  • Windows Optimized Desktop:  This bundle of Windows, all the major business apps and Systems Center will carry a $3-$5/seat incentive beginning in November.

  • Virtualization:  Brown touted the breadth of Microsoft’s virtualization portfolio and announced an aggressive 20% deal registration incentive for new virtualization business, starting in October.

  • Windows Intune:  The new all-in-one PC management cloud service got a lot of partners excited about central administration and managed services. (more…)
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    First Things First – Cloud Vendor as Friend or Foe?

    By Beth Vanni

    Emerging channel engagement models in cloud services delivery

    There I sat at the recent Baptie Channel Focus conference listening to channel executives from Microsoft and NetApp talk about their vision for c loud services.  Now, I’ve sat at this conference for some eight years running, and in that moment I had a vivid flashback to the movie “Ground hog Day.”

    In the movie, the lead character is trapped in a time warp where he wakes up every morning to the same set of limiting circumstances, and he gets to do a “do-over” of how he handles the day’s events and relationships.  Great movie if you’ve never seen it.   The déjà vu moment for me was about the basic relationship between IT vendors and their channel partners. Despite how far IT technology has come in the last decade and how much of a revolution cloud computi ng promises to offer us all, it seems like basic vendor/partner relationship dynamics are caught in a time warp.


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