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Reevaluating the Timing and Costs of Recruiting New Channel Partners

A ‘perfect storm’ brewing around the issue of channel development

By Beth Vanni, Vice President, Amazon Consulting

A variety of economic and industry innovation elements are currently combining to create the “perfect storm” of channel development issues including:

A rash of disruptive technologies entering the market

A slowly rebounding economy within a still-uncertain economic environment

Continued industry consolidation among vendors and solution providers

These challenges are accelerating the issue of how technology vendors and solution providers can continue to work together to grow their mutual success. (more…)


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Two-Buck-Chuck Wine: Are Volume-selling and Exclusives Still Relevant Channel Strategies?

By Beth Vanni, Director, Market Intelligence

I have had the good fortune to marry into a large Italian family — a family of fantastic cooks with very sophisticated palates and a great appetite for good wine. During a conversation with my father-in-law over the Christmas holidays, we discussed what constitutes a good table wine. He reminisced about how his father and grandfather always had a big jug of a (mediocre) Cabernet and drank two glasses with every meal. He lamented, despite his current financially comfortable position, how most families can’t afford a good $25-30 bottle of wine at every meal and how there’s a great market to be had for affordable daily wine. The conversation then led to a retailing phenomenon in the wine business that had caught his attention, and the attention of his other wine-purist (dare I say “snob”) friends.

He called it “Two Buck Chuck” wine, available at Trader Joe’s (a west coast specialty grocery chain). The real wine label is Charles Shaw, a label owned by Bronco Wine Co., currently the 8th biggest wine producer in California. Fred Franzia, the company’s President and a shrewd entrepreneur, has the west coast Napa Valley wine vintners up in arms selling a case of his signature Merlot or Syrah for $1.99 per bottle.. yes, $2.00 per bottle. Under $25.00 for a full case. The Charles Shaw label is sold exclusively by Trader Joe’s stores. Bronco sells 72 million bottles of Charles Shaw label wine every year. Says Frazia, “we had the brand, and the other growers had a huge supply of high-quality wine.” And consumers LOVE it — it’s flying off the shelves at Trader Joe’s by the case. The quality is consistent and more than palatable for non-snob wine consumer, and it’s getting strong ratings including a 10/10 rating from So, what’s the relevance of all this to IT products being sold through indirect channels? A fair question… let me explain. (more…)

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What’s the Deal? Multi-vendor “DealReg” Is Here

Live from Diane’s Desk –  weekly update on what’s happening around Amazon Consulting – channel news, trends and partnering matters.

Diane highlights vendor’s need for clear visibility into deal pipeline and new solution to make it easier for channel partners to register multiple vendor deals in one partner portal.

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Recruiting the Right Partners

By Beth Vanni

Recruiting the right partners remains an age-old channel  management challenge.

Vendors have gotten increasingly more sophisticated at the “whys” and “hows” of recruiting over the years.  But the fact that nearly 50% of vendors surveyed in our 2009 State of Partner Program study indicated that recruitment represented a “very” or “somewhat” challenging issue in 2008 tells us there’s still progress to be made. (more…)

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Dell Distribution Agreement Shock Waves

By Tim Lowe

Finally some news other than what’s going on in the economy!

DELL’s distribution agreement announcement is sending shock waves throughout the industry larger than rumors of IBM-SUN merger discussions. The availability of a subset of the DELL product line through broad line distributors Ingram Micro and Tech Data has ramifications for every value added reseller in the channel. The worst kept secret in the industry for years has been the percentage of DELL desktop and laptop business that has either been sold or influenced by the channel. I’ve never seen an accurate estimate of how many Dell desktops have been “sold” by the channel through the influence of a solution provider either for a configuration fee or simply as part of the overall solution package. And of course Dell has used broad line distributors for years to provide the logistics of their third party options. However the public announcement of a formal relationship between DELL and Ingram Micro/Tech Data legitimizes the entrance of Dell into the channel supply chain. (more…)

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Is Your Channel Partner Dashboard Flashing “Maintenance Required”?

Sandra Glaser Cheek

Sandra Glaser Cheek

I recently took my 2006 Honda Odyssey into the mechanic because as I was driving to work the dashboard light indicators were lighting up like a Christmas tree. It began with a bright red brake indicator, next came the oil light, then “maintenance required”, and finally some random light I still don’t know the meaning of. So, I started thinking – can I even make it to the mechanic, should I call a tow truck, will I miss my meeting? Not to mention that this will undoubtedly mean, ka-ching – an unanticipated expense!

This experience got me thinking about our business. What if I just ignored my dashboard? I mean, yes the indicators were on but the car was actually running and sounding fine. In the old days when I drove my 1980 hand-me-down Chevy Citation, there weren’t any sensors on the dashboard. I just drove the car until, well, it broke down – and trust me I got more than my fair share of that back in “the old days.” However, today’s cars are fine-tuned, high-tech machines with lots of thing-a-ma-jigs that make sure I can brake to a stop faster, I won’t get as hurt in an accident, I get better mileage, etc. So yes, I could probably still drive “old school” like I did in my younger days and ignore the flashing dashboard. But at what cost?


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Look Three Turns Ahead

Diane Krakora

Diane Krakora

Any good snow skier know you have to look three turns ahead to navigate moguls with speed and agility. If your focus is on the current bump, by the time you navigate that turn, you’re tossed back on your heels and in a scramble to set up for the next turn. If on the other hand, you continue to look three turns ahead, you’ve created a visual plan and are now simply executing that plan, while keeping your focus on the future –what’s the next bump or challenge. You know where you’re going next, are positioned forward, over your ski’s, in the attack stance, executing your plan without really even thinking about it, and can move much, much faster through the mogul field. You might still catch an edge on a bump, fumble a bit, miss your planned next turn and need to re-adjust your plan for your next three turns – but at least wobble happens infrequently, not on every single turn.

This is a great lesson to take with us as we move into 2009 – a large and long mogul field. It seems everybody is focused on their feet right now. What is (more…)

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