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IBM Formalizes Channel Cloud Engagement Models Announces Five Cloud Specializations at Partnerworld Leadership Conference

by Beth Vanni, Vice President

Big Blue has been criticized for being a bit of a sleeping giant on the issue of aligning their cloud product and services strategy with their channel engagement models.  Not that many companies have been crystal clear on the intersect points of these two things to date, however.

The “IBM Cloud” has historically been mostly about their Global Technology Services infrastructure offerings, which frankly has been positioned more to their enterprise direct customers. Well, the giant seems to have awakened!  At this year’s Partnerworld Leadership Conference not only did IBM declare cloud computing one of only four global corporate initiatives (that’s very few for IBM) and publicly challenge Amazon’s cloud infrastructure packaging and pricing model. They also announced their first formal Partnerworld program designed for channel partners who are serious about the cloud.

The good news? Lots, actually.   (more…)


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IBM Puts Its Money Where Its Mouth Is: Major Investments In Simplicity

Global PartnerWorld Program Streamlined and Multiple Partner Transactional Models Recognized

Beth Vanni – Director, Market Intelligence

The big theme around the halls of Big Blue these days? Extreme Simplification. Yes, the computing behemouth has been focused heavily these past 3-5 years on really being easier to do business with. Really. No small feat for a company with five huge independent business units (hardware, software, services, developer relations and mid-market) and which posts more than $12 billion dollars in net income for an average quarter (yes, quarter, not year).

In today’s announcements, the global partner team has taken an important next step in simplifying and streamlining the way their global PartnerWorld program recognizes partner value and offers up benefits. There are now four consistent criteria for PartnerWorld advancement, authorization and access to benefits – globally. Across all partner segments. In all geos (with minor modifications). For every product category. Think about that. Write it down. It’s a big deal.


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IBM’s Mid-Market Push: Posting Notable Progress with Industry Solutions and Business Partner Engagement

Beth Vanni Blog Beth Vanni – Director, Market Intelligence – Amazon   Consulting

IBM is hell-bent on become the preferred technology and services provider for mid-market customers – Globally. And in true big-Blue form, they‘ve got thousands of people and a lot of money focused on getting there. With nearly 25% marketshare across their broad portfolio in the mid-market globally, they’re starting to gain meaningfully broad traction in the sub 1000-user customer space. Fundamental to their route to market approach will, of course, be their broad business partner community. But can IBM truly create the simple product solutions, services offerings and local field engagement to act as one, integrated technology provider in this space? And, do they really have the right profile of partner to represent complete industry-focused solutions to mid-market customers? (more…)

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IBM and Radical Simplicity? Real Change for Big Blue’s Mid-Market Strategy

Observations form the IBM Influence Summit – Greenwich, CT (Nov 5-6)

Beth Vanni

Beth Vanni

Can it really be true? More than five IBM executives sharing a common vision of the mid-market opportunity? Everyone’s slides truly aligned on the their view of the market and how they’re investing? Multiple real-life examples of IBM acting in a highly personalized, solutions oriented way with small to mid-size businesses? A common fervor across the business units and geographies for becoming “radically simple” to do business with?  I could almost not believe my ears!

Yes, we’ve heard it before as a statement of intent. For years. And, no doubt, IBM has had many initiatives in the past focused on the non-enterprise markets. In fact, at this past Spring’s Leadership Conference in Los Angeles, Rich Hume, then two days in the job as GM of the company’s business partner community, declared his plan to apply significant resources to partner engagement in the mid-market.  At the same event, the Lotus Foundations bundle was announced as well.  But, as I sat at the IBM Influence Event in Greenwich, Connecticut, two things hit me right between the eyes: IBM has been really listening to customer and partners and they’ve got new fire in the belly about how to succeed in the mid-market and growth markets.


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