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Navigating in a Channel-Less World

Is The Utility Market Ready for SmartGrid Technology?

Diane Krakora – CEO, Amazon Consulting

While I’m no expert on marriage, I do know the difficulty in answering the age-old question, how old should you be to get married? History tells us that getting married too young can be a brutal mistake because couples who marry in their late teens and early 20s don’t quite know themselves yet, and they run the risk of growing in different directions. Some experts say that people who get married for the first time in their 40s and 50s are also a high risk because they are too set in their ways and lack the flexibility needed to make a marriage partnership work.

So, the question is, “Is the Vendor community ready to form partnerships to successfully deploy SmartGrid technology into the utility market? Or, is the utility market mature enough to support a channel for SmartGrid technology? Regardless of which way you look at it, the successful deployment of technology comes with a channel that is built in the right time. (more…)


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The Virtual vs. Vicious Cycle: Effectively Supporting Alliance Sale Teams to Foster Success

By Beth Vanni, Vice President

Seasoned IT vendors know how critical the role of field sales is in the long-term success of an alliance partnership.  Despite all the other metrics around joint branding and visibility and penetrating key accounts, field teams ultimatly create customer success and incremental revenue for both companies.  If your sales force stumbles, or does not see the customer value in the alliance solution, deals don’t close. Even before signing the papers, it is critical for companies to work together towards implementing best practices when it comes to field sales engagement.

Businesses who have the best track record in partner alliances are typically those who engage the sales force early on. A recent panel discussion organized by Amazon Consulting and the Assocation of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP)  revealed that the impetus for many alliance relationships originate in the field. (more…)

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Bridging the Gap Between Strategic Alliances and Channel Partnerships

By Cary Tengler – Senior Consultant, Amazon Consulting

In recent years, economic conditions have driven companies to emphasize the channel side of their business as a way to meet their need for immediate revenue. As the economy begins to recover and technology vendors are somewhat more secure in the short-term, this sense of urgency is being replaced by a shift in focus back to long-term growth. With that comes a renewed desire to balance their business activities through more integrated models that include strategic alliances. But, as industry studies have shown, although 92% of U.S. technology companies agree that alliances are important to their current and future growth, most agree that monetizing those strategic alliances with go-to-market planning and execution is a challenge.*

Amazon Consulting’s recent acquisition of PartnerAlliances will provide us with the unique and compelling ability to offer our technology clients an end-to-end suite of services and expertise, bridging both channels and alliances. (more…)

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