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What Telecom Service Providers Need to Win the Cloud Services Game

by Beth Vanni, Vice President

As vendors look to make significant, long-term inroads in cloud services through the large telecom solution providers, they can’t just sit on the sidelines as spectators in hopes of a win. Their role as coach is paramount in helping the telecom service providers quarterback in a new type of game; a game that has been played and run by a much smaller, more nifty team of players from the traditional IT channel. (more…)


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Is Perception Reality?

Diane Krakora – CEO, Amazon Consulting

My mom called last week asking me to go computer shopping with her. Now, I love shopping, so I’m inclined to grab my keys immediately, however I kinda remember buying her an HP Omni system just two Christmas’ ago.  Did she use the CD-ROM drive as a cup holder again? (more…)

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Navigating in a Channel-Less World

Is The Utility Market Ready for SmartGrid Technology?

Diane Krakora – CEO, Amazon Consulting

While I’m no expert on marriage, I do know the difficulty in answering the age-old question, how old should you be to get married? History tells us that getting married too young can be a brutal mistake because couples who marry in their late teens and early 20s don’t quite know themselves yet, and they run the risk of growing in different directions. Some experts say that people who get married for the first time in their 40s and 50s are also a high risk because they are too set in their ways and lack the flexibility needed to make a marriage partnership work.

So, the question is, “Is the Vendor community ready to form partnerships to successfully deploy SmartGrid technology into the utility market? Or, is the utility market mature enough to support a channel for SmartGrid technology? Regardless of which way you look at it, the successful deployment of technology comes with a channel that is built in the right time. (more…)

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To Write or Not to Write – Hasn’t that Always Been the Question?

Can yesterday’s VARs ever emerge as tomorrow’s Cloud developers?

Beth Vanni – Vice President, Amazon Consulting

When your children are young, it’s hard as a parent to not sit longingly and dream about all the wonderful things your kids could be, could learn, could accomplish.  Can they apply themselves in school enough to be a doctor?  Will they do humanitarian work?  Is pro sports in their future? How can they live up to their full potential, and how can I as a parent help them do that?

The long-standing debate about whether the generalist VAR business model is a thing of the past reminds me of this brain teaser.   Should VARs “grow up” and invest in a datacenter to become an MSP?  (more…)

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