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HP’s Services Enablement Strategy Proves To Be The Keystone In Creating Its “Franchise” Partner Of The Future

Beth Vanni, Vice President

As the world’s largest technology company, HP continues to enjoy strong growth and market share gains in most product segments. New CEO Leo Apotheker is emphatic in his vision of how HP will leverage the broadest portfolio in the marketplace and its global brand presence to drive this growth into the future through its integrated ‘Everybody on” and ‘converged infrastructure’ customer promises.

As the company strives to be more integrated with its OneHP vision and cross-product go-to-market strategy, how do HP’s partners fit into the mix? (more…)


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Autodesk’s Value-Based Program Comes of Age

Certifications, Specializations and Customer Satisfaction Added to Global Framework

 By Beth Vanni

Autodesk is a company who has fundamentally gone to market through traditional resellers for 30 years — literally.  Case in point, they have nearly 60 partners coming up next quarter who have been authorized resellers for their leading 3D design and engineering software for 25 years or more. Quite an accomplishment in the fast-paced and highly competitive IT market.  Autodesk has achieved as close to a “franchise” model of channel partner as can be, where many of their partners tout them as their primary software platform and singularly focus on selling to the CAE and engineering markets. And, now this $2b software market leader is standardizing their global program structure to provide the consistent, simplified support and enablement resources these some 1,900 partners need to continue to keep pace with the company’s overall growth and portfolio expansion. (more…)

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With HP’s New Programs, Can Its Partners Find Clarity in the Cloud?

by Diane Krakora, CEO

HP’s recent Americas Partner Conference 2011 had its proverbial head in the cloud, with new cloud products and programs one of the focal points of its annual partnering meeting. Coming off a strong year of revenue performance and market share gains, HP’s Americas channel revenue grew by over 20% in 2010. Combine that with the company’s assertion that it is the IT company best positioned to provide integrated solutions for cloud computing, as well as new cloud partner strategy programs, and HP may be the one to watch in the race to the cloud this year.

The big question will be if the company can live up to its aspirations, particularly when partner roles in cloud delivery seem foggy at best. (more…)

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Brand-Franchise Channel Partnerships: Who Do End-to-End Solutions REALLY Benefit?

by Diane Krakora, CEO

At this year’s HP America’s Partner Conference 2011, new CEO Leo Apotheker introduced a newly crystallized set of messaging focused around the ability of HPs broad portfolio to create a “seamless, secure, content-aware experience for an InstantON, connected world.” While certainly admirable, with the proliferation of exceptional products and suppliers from which customers can choose, it begs the question: Who really benefits from the sale of a single company’s end-to-end solution? (more…)

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Vendors Say They Want to Empower Partners to Invest in Services, But What Do They REALLY Want?

With Service Delivery being where the margins and customer loyalty lock-down are, vendors are finding it difficult to promote autonomous services delivery for their solution providers.

by Beth Vanni, Vice President

It’s no surprise that vendors have considered increasing partner sales competency the #1 vendor priority for the last several years. Market penetration is essential for long-term growth, and well-connected self-sufficient channel partners make for strong allies. What is interesting, however, is that while vendors consider autonomy an asset in their channel partners and consistently indicate a goal of applying enablement resources to drive partners’ overall competency, they indicate just the opposite when it comes to services delivery.  The results of our 2011 State of Partnering Study reveal that while solution providers are increasingly desirous of services delivery autonomy, vendors are increasingly focused on closer engagement through sharing tools, co-sale mentoring and co-delivery. (more…)

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