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VMworld 2010 Eve – Day 0

Sandra Glaser Cheek – Director, Client Services

Last week I sent my three kids back-to-school after an 82-day long weekend. Phew. Multiple trips to Target and Staples for school supplies usually mark the end of summer for me. But now, in hindsight, working closely with VMware for the past couple of years, it seems the amount of work, and the furious pace in which VMware employees are working, VMworld also marks the end of summer and the beginning of the fall tradeshow season.

Fall is the season when we start to hear of acquisitions and bold moves in the tech vendor community, and new visions and ideas that get us excited. Now that the kids are back in school, and VMworld is ready to open, we are ready to pay attention. Here are some thought I’ve gathered from the blogosphere industry about what are likely to hear at VMworld 2010 this week: (more…)


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The Ecosystem of the Cloud: The Roles and Requirements of the Next Generation Solution Provider

A Candid Conversation with Kevin O’Brien from Oracle

Beth Vanni, Director, Market Intelligence

Kevin O’Brien, Oracle’s senior director, ISV and SaaS Strategy, Worldwide Channels & Alliances, and I recently sat down to discuss issues that relate to cloud services partners, in conjunction with the Amazon Consulting series of publications, Ecosystem of the Cloud. Kevin outlined Oracle’s cloud strategy and how important solution providers are to that strategy.

Oracle’s partner strategy regarding cloud solutions delivery:
“[There] are the four main areas we’re looking at: expanding our ISV/SaaS opportunity; working with service providers in the public cloud space; working with systems integrators in the private cloud space; and, working with the channel/VAR/solution builders/etc. in the integration space in between public and private clouds.”

“From a private cloud standpoint, we are working extensively with a lot of our closest integrator partners that are helping customers sort out their private cloud strategies and how they want to move forward there. (more…)

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The Ecosystem of the Cloud: The Roles and Requirements of the Next Generation Solution Provider

A Candid Conversation with Robert Fuller from Rackspace Hosting

Beth Vanni, Director, Market Intelligence

I recently sat down with Robert Fuller, vice president of worldwide channel sales at Rackspace Hosting, Inc., a global provider of infrastructure and hosting services. We discussed his views of the evolving cloud and services market. Some of the topics we covered included the business models cloud solution providers are adopting and the bigger challenges that solution providers are facing as they build cloud practices. We also discussed how Rackspace supports partners (2,000 worldwide) as they build practices around this new technology.

Here are some highlights, with Fuller’s thoughts on:

Infrastructure challenges for cloud services providers:

“VARs and MSPs are suddenly realizing that they offered to host one of their customer’s services in their own data center versus them putting it under their desk on premise. (more…)

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Building Cloud Services – The Great Channel Divide

A View from CompTIA Breakaway 2010

Beth Vanni, Director, Market Intelligence, Amazon Consulting

I love the CompTIA Breakaway event. Despite the fact that it’s often scheduled in really hot places in August (this year, San Antonio – 105+ every day), it’s such a great place to get a reality check on what issues solution providers are really facing.

I had the good fortune again this year to participate in the event in two ways. First, I facilitated a couple of breakout sessions – birds of a feather discussions among the solution provider members. The two topics for the breakouts were 1). How to more effectively use P2P collaboration to grow your business and 2). How to protect and increase loyalty with your install customer base. Both are meaty, timely topics. Second, I participated in an industry analyst panel discussing the major trends in the channel for 2011.

What was remarkable to me in both of these breakout sessions, and at the conference at large, was the disconnect from the vendors’ vision about the massive impact of the cloud and the huge services opportunity it represents for the channel and the general business readiness of the average solution provider attendee. In both of my breakout sessions, the biggest issue many of the partners articulated they were facing was how to get out of the onsey-twosey break-fix business; how to stop having to do on-site service for broken laptops, printers and routers for their SMB customers. This issue seemed equally applicable to those companies who had not yet ventured into managed services as well as those who had mature MSP practices. They wanted tips and techniques for how to recruit a new kind of customer – one that understood managed and cloud services. One that would stop negotiating with them for pennies on the dollar for every stinkin’ service call. (more…)

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Top 5 Microsoft Partner Revenue Opportunities

Partner VP Ross Brown Lays Out FY11 Plan

Beth Vanni, Director, Market Intelligence, Amazon Consulting

As the man responsible for making the top Microsoft partners successful, Ross Brown, V.P. of Worldwide Partner Sales, has a clear set of priorities. In an impassioned keynote to nearly 400 partners at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference earlier this month, Brown laid out his short list of immediate revenue opportunities for partners while stating his own priorities for the coming fiscal year.

  • Windows Optimized Desktop:  This bundle of Windows, all the major business apps and Systems Center will carry a $3-$5/seat incentive beginning in November.

  • Virtualization:  Brown touted the breadth of Microsoft’s virtualization portfolio and announced an aggressive 20% deal registration incentive for new virtualization business, starting in October.

  • Windows Intune:  The new all-in-one PC management cloud service got a lot of partners excited about central administration and managed services. (more…)
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    Microsoft’s Balmer offers a Rally-cry for Partner Cloud Investment

    Highlights of Microsoft’s 2010 Partner Conference

    Beth Vanni, Director, Market Intelligence, Amazon Consulting

    How can a company that literally owns the desktop and has one of the largest ISV communities not be actively talking about the cloud? It’s clear that after much criticism of its somewhat divided “Software + Services” strategy and its late entry into mobile device support, the Redmond giant is serious about the cloud. Or at least that’s the impression we came away with from the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington, D.C., earlier this month.

    By definition of its product strategy and customer legacy, Microsoft has to live in two worlds. On one hand they have to actively address the here and now — nearly 400,000 business PCs that are ready for a Windows 7 and/or Windows 2010 upgrades. And Windows 7 has been very successful in its first seven months (namely 150 million licenses).  On the other hand, the company has to paint its future for outsourced and cloud software services.  They have invested heavily in its Business Productivity On-Line Suite (BPOS) and Dynamic CRM on-line services,  and executives shared today that the much-awaited Azure development environment now has a full 10,000 paying customers, addressing the SaaS needs of both ISVs and corporations creating custom applications. (more…)

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    Mid-Year Check: Channel Development Goals for 2010

    Beth Vanni – Director, Market Intelligence

    Where has the time gone? It’s the end of July already and with many company’s fiscal year’s more than half-way over, it’s a great time to sanity check progress toward your channel development goals for the year.  We reflect here on what many of you have told us were your priorities and key initiatives for 2010 in our Annual State of Partnering Study.


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