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IBM’s Mid-Market Push: Posting Notable Progress with Industry Solutions and Business Partner Engagement

Beth Vanni Blog Beth Vanni – Director, Market Intelligence – Amazon   Consulting

IBM is hell-bent on become the preferred technology and services provider for mid-market customers – Globally. And in true big-Blue form, they‘ve got thousands of people and a lot of money focused on getting there. With nearly 25% marketshare across their broad portfolio in the mid-market globally, they’re starting to gain meaningfully broad traction in the sub 1000-user customer space. Fundamental to their route to market approach will, of course, be their broad business partner community. But can IBM truly create the simple product solutions, services offerings and local field engagement to act as one, integrated technology provider in this space? And, do they really have the right profile of partner to represent complete industry-focused solutions to mid-market customers? (more…)


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How Social Are Your Partners?

sandra-finalBy Sandra Glaser Cheek – Director, Client Services

Every time I begin to blog about social media, I pause and think of how my inbox is assaulted on daily basis with invitations to attend/participate in social media events, webinars, etc. Everyone is talking about social media in the channel, but up to this point, we really haven’t seen our clients doing much about it – and especially not “with” their partners.

No doubt, social media is important in today’s marketing mix. But how much it is embraced by Channel Marketing organizations seems to be directly related to how a company embraces social media in general. And, it’s practically unheard of for vendors to include social media as reimbursable activities in their MDF or incentive funding programs.


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Q4 2009 Check-in

By Diane Krakora, CEO

Diane speaks briefly about  partnering priorities this quarter that could very well expand through 2010, including partner program refreshing, optimizing channel spend, breaking into new markets, and internal and external channel sales training.

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Getting Back to Basics


By Sandra Glaser Cheek – Director, Client Services

Often when we work with clients on their channel communications strategies, our social media recommendations bring on a mountain of questions and concerns. There is a lot of apprehension around developing a social media strategy. Questions like getting executive buy-in, integration of internal teams that will engage partners in social technologies, which tools and platforms to use, etc., often come up. Not that these aren’t good questions – they are. But they really miss the point. I’d recommend borrowing a basic journalism approach and starting with the “Five W’s” (and one “H”) questions instead:

WHO are you trying to reach?

WHAT are your objectives, and what are you trying to accomplish?

WHEN and HOW is the best time and way to reach them?

WHERE do these people spend time online?

WHY do they care about what you have to say? What is the value that you bring to the table/conversation?

When formulating your channel social media strategy, what are some of the questions you think are important to start with?

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