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It’s All About the Service – A Lesson In iPhone Loss

Beth Vanni

Beth Vanni

OK, so it’s my fault.  I was at the circus with my kids, using  my new new Apple iPhone 3G as a camera (can’t miss those shots with the elephants and the Bermese Pythons).  It dropped out of my lap.  Either that or the Snow Cone vendor was eyeing it the whole time – that’s my theory.  Either way, it’s gone, and the last 24 hours of my life have not been the same!


Circus Casualty

Of course, everyone knows that the iPhone is only available in the U.S. through one exclusive service provider, AT&T.   What an OEM deal that must have been!   An old friend of  mine who works for Apple admits the Apple/AT&T deal was so rich that the royalties paid by AT&T to Apple are paying for a good chunk of the ongoing R&D on the iPhone technology.   Either way, I’m now addicted. Yes, I actually do use the AppStore for all those thousands of plug-in apps. And, I use the Safari web browser …. a lot. I never call 411 anymore. And I didn’t buy a Garmin, because most of the GPS functionality I need I can do on the iPhone. And finally, for the first time in my 25+ year career, I really am getting emails pushed live down to my iPhone and can actually be pretty productive when NOT in front my laptop. Amazing. This device can really make anyone from the 12 year old text-maniac to the 52 year old corporate sales executive both really productive and entertained at the same time.



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VMware reaches for the sky, um, I mean the cloud

Sandra Glaser Cheek

Sandra Glaser Cheek

I recently attended VMware’s well-attended Partner Exchange conference in Orlando, FL. The primary focus of the event was to introduce how VMware partners can take advantage of new VMware technology to help start moving customers to the compute cloud – more specifically the internal or “private cloud” The company also unveiled new partner initiatives aimed at making it easier for solution providers to work with its technology and the next generation partner program.

Rick Jackson, CMO of VMware, kicked off the conference by talking about VMware’s primary focuses:

1. Get customers 100 percent virtualized. This includes introducing them to the newly announced vSphere product line.
2. Working with partners to help customers build cloud infrastructures.
3. Virtual desktops – “a necessary component of getting customers into a 100 percent virtualized environment.”
4. Working with reseller partners, solution providers and technology partners, to manage virtual platforms.

Tod Nielsen, VMware’s new COO followed with a presentation of VMware’s vision of cloud computing. And it’s not the big external clouds you would expect – Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. VMware believes that there is a place for all business, large and small to have their own data centers. And that these businesses will likely utilize external clouds to outsource some needs, but there will also be a need for a private/internal cloud. “At the end of the day, what customers want are internal clouds, which have similar tools and resources as those available on external clouds… and they will want a private cloud which allows them to have internal clouds while, at the same time, taking advantage of external clouds.” The vSphere suite of extensible management products was next unveiled.


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