Look Three Turns Ahead

January 23, 2009 at 12:51 am Leave a comment

Diane Krakora

Diane Krakora

Any good snow skier know you have to look three turns ahead to navigate moguls with speed and agility. If your focus is on the current bump, by the time you navigate that turn, you’re tossed back on your heels and in a scramble to set up for the next turn. If on the other hand, you continue to look three turns ahead, you’ve created a visual plan and are now simply executing that plan, while keeping your focus on the future –what’s the next bump or challenge. You know where you’re going next, are positioned forward, over your ski’s, in the attack stance, executing your plan without really even thinking about it, and can move much, much faster through the mogul field. You might still catch an edge on a bump, fumble a bit, miss your planned next turn and need to re-adjust your plan for your next three turns – but at least wobble happens infrequently, not on every single turn.

This is a great lesson to take with us as we move into 2009 – a large and long mogul field. It seems everybody is focused on their feet right now. What is the new year going to bring? How’s the January going to go? I have news for you – January is going to go however January goes – there isn’t much we can do about January. However, we can put plans in place to affect our next several challenges – be they next month, next quarter or next year. If we don’t start looking up and planning our actions three turns ahead, we’re always going to be thrown off balance by the last bump.  Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Are you going straight down the mogul field or traversing the entire mountain? Are you turning on top of the bumps or riding the grooves?
Look up! Visualize your line through the bumps and be flexible for when you catch an edge or are surprised by a patch of ice. Here’s to a smooth run of the mogul field, navigated with grace and agility.


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