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Evolution not Revolution – Microsoft’s Partnering Strategy

By Diane Krakora

As Alison Watson, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Partner Group, laid out the high level next generation partnering strategy at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Houston, I was impressed with the partnering machine that is the organization that spends billions — that’s with a B — on partnering every year. They certainly turn out a mountain of programs, initiatives and confusion.   So, during Watson’s keynote at WPC, I ended up expecting more radical ideas and innovative initiatives and yet wanting less for the sake of simplicity.    (more…)


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Microsoft…Is 12% Enough?

By Diane Krakora
Microsoft is attempting the well-worn strategy of trying to change the game by changing the name. Instead of adopting the growing industry norm of calling applications that are built and deployed in the cloud as “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS), Microsoft is trying to change the category and increase their significance by calling their offering Software + Service.


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Where is the Love, Microsoft?

By Diane Krakora

Holding a worldwide partner conference in Houston in July? Are you kidding me? That’s no way to show partners’ the love. I’ve been to 8 partner summits this year and it ends with Houston in July? Where is the love? Cisco’s held their partner summit in Honolulu in April. Now that’s big partner love. Even IBM’s partner business leadership conference in Los Angeles in May is better than Houston in July.


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VMware: CEO Transition Concerns

By Diane Krakora

It’s always emotional whenever a leader leaves. Look at Bill Gates recent tearful farewell as a recent example. Or Cal Ripkin leaving baseball. Regardless of why Diane Greene was dismissed from VMware – whether it’s because they missed their sales numbers or she doesn’t have operational experience as the media reports – there is a way to transition leadership. Ripping the CEO out of a public company is not the way. Could they not have provided a 3 or 6 month transition plan? Maybe promote a COO to help with the operational issues? I’m all for ripping the band-aid off – I tend to act quickly once I’ve made a decision. But when leadership changes, it’s a highly emotional time for the many groups touched by the leader and requires a bit of patience.  

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School is “In” for the Channel: Training is Profitable

Mary Lee Shalvoy

Mary Lee Shalvoy

School may be out for the summer, but in the business world, the need for training never takes a break. It’s a hot topic in our (consulting) circles. Well, it’s not hot in the “this is the latest, coolest thing” kind of way, but more in just figuring out how to manage it in all of its complexities.

If you haven’t already heard, there is an enormous IT talent shortage, which equals a big gap in terms of talent when staffing partners and corporations. It’s been reported widely in the press and on the Web that in order for the big vendors to meet their growth targets, they need to get people up and trained on their products and technology in general.

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