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Soft Economy? Strategies in Uncertain Times

By Diane Krakora

We recently gathered 20 or so people from 18 companies to discuss partnering strategies in a soft economy.  We opened the discussion with channel executives from companies such as Adobe, BEA, Google, Intuit, NetApp, Oracle, Sun Microsystems and our host, VMware, by asking how they were planning to leverage partners differently in the economic downturn.  And after a few minutes of blank stares, we realized we asked the wrong question. The initial question should have been are you seeing an economic downturn? I’m a little perplexed by the mixed signals (more…)


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Outourcer/MSP Partner Programs – New Market, Old Principles

Ingrid Krivin

Ingrid Krivin

The market buzz around managed services seems to be growing daily, and many of Amazon Consulting’s clients are testing the waters here with partner engagement programs.  However, some would argue that end-user IT buying patterns for widespread adoption of IT outsourcing and managed services are still 3-5 years off, and many remember the late 1990’s and early 2000’s MSP trial models where many investors met with fiscal disaster.

As these new delivery models are evolving, one might argue that the fundamental principles of building a strong partnering value proposition and program are the same as they’ve ever been.  Segmenting your partner community, looking closely at desired business models, and building compelling and profitable programs for partners aren’t new ideas.  Let’s think it through..


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