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Partner Advisory Councils – Build A Partner-Centric Organization

In our recent PAC, there were sessions weaved into the program where the client was not present in the room and proved to be the most powerful part of the program. Without the clients in the room, the partners can provide honest feedback without feeling a need to grandstand to make a point or fear of potential retribution. These partner-only sessions result in the PAC developing into a unified team and presented a single voice to vendor management. Typically, the meetings result in 10-12 prioritized issues or concerns which are presented directly to the management team. This relatively anonymous feedback helps the vendor understand which issues are the biggest hurdles to the sales, profitability and loyalty.



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ROI: The Path to Job Security for the Channel Marketer

By Jay Nelson

More and more, the “R” word is being tossed around. Yes, folks, it might be time for another recession. And, guess what time it is for the channel marketing professional? Yes, it’s time to find a new career!

Why is it that the channel marketing department is often the first one gutted once times get tough and technology vendors start to trim back? Certainly, marketing is never a safe department, but channel professionals should have their own benevolent society. (more…)

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The Dish on Dell

By Diane Krakora

He called it a Program! Wow, that’s a change. Greg Davis vice president, America’s channel business for Dell, told me last year “we’re not creating a program. We’re creating a value proposition for solution providers who want to engage with Dell, and some elements to the engagement structure.” At least that’s how I remember it. Well, last week at the Ziff Davis Channel Summit in Dallas, Texas, Greg Davis referred to the Dell PartnerDirect Program. In fact, in his conference key note, he said the word “program” many times. He mentioned that they are engaging approximately 30,000 solution providers around the world and that through the acquisition of EqualLogic, they believe they will have a strong program to engage and empower. I was surprised when Greg said “EqualLogic has a great program.” Not because of the program robustness itself, but because I didn’t realized that Greg would know the components of a great partner program. (more…)

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GroundHog Day


Beth Vanni

Beth Vanni

Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe I’ve been in the high tech market focusing on partnering for over 20 years.  Those days of wonder and discovery of my early 20’s when Microsoft was just coming on the scene, IBM had just announced the first personal computer and Unix was on the only game in town for enterprise computing.  Ironically enough, some of the most fundamental issues facing the channel at that time are still around 20+ years later (when I’m not so fresh and new anymore!) —  issues like what are the most efficient ways to get products delivered to customers and do distributors do enough to warrant their margins?  Which channel is getting the best vendor pricing and how are they locking their competitors out by selling at cost?  Should partners be only authorized to sell product regionally, or nationally?  Should partners have to pay for vendor technical training or not? (more…)

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