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Oh, the People You Meet! (When you actually leave the office)

By Eileen Renner

Recently Amazon Consulting was privileged to host our sixth Alliance Executive Roundtable and provide a forum for a group of seasoned alliance and channel executives to get together and really “talk shop.” Old friends were re-connected and new acquaintances were developed. For a few hours, they “took their heads out of the sand” (as one attendee put it) and left behind email traffic, internal meetings and budgeting spreadsheets to engage in active dialogue with colleagues. There was lots of meaningful and valuable conversation, on a wide variety of topics associated with our overall theme of partner enablement. (more…)

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The Collaboration Conundrum

At the core of every partner relationship is one key element: collaboration. Whether it’s collaborating on development, sales, marketing, support or all of the above- the ability to collaborate effectively is what truly drives the success of a partner relationship. Our role as a partner development consultancy is to work with clients on improving their collaboration with partners through program design and development, skills training and last, but certainly not least in order of importance, technology. Automating the process of collaborating with partners is a code that has yet to be cracked. Many are certainly trying, through PRM suites, point solutions and networking technologies, but none seem to address what is at the essence of this “collaboration conundrum.” (more…)

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